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Personal Finance Coaching


In my experience, most people can learn better strategies to take care of their money and life.

Sometimes, a second opinion is all that’s needed. Other times, we’re doing well in some areas but neglecting others i.e. spending wisely but forgetting about ways to reduce income taxes.

I offer coaching, education and advice in most areas of personal finance including;

    *  financial health check-ups/reviews

    *  savings, spending and retirement plans

    *  managing/reducing debt and income taxes

    *  basics of investing and managing risk

    *  interacting with other financial advisors to get the answers you deserve

Small or large tasks are equally welcome. I will take time to get to know you, what’s important in your life and develop strategies that will work for you.

Not sure what help you need?  Let’s work together to figure it out!

I offer affordable, competitive rates (for all budgets) based on the type of work performed. Generally, rates are $125/hr. Flat fee rates are also available by task.

Commitment To My Clients:

I believe in keeping personal finances as simple as possible. My services are professional, respectful, objective, confidential and easy to understand.

“I’d be honoured to help you make the most of your money”

Patricia Gass, CPA, CA

All enquiries are welcome. Initial consultations are FREE.  

(Note: I do not sell or recommend specific financial products i.e. investments, insurance etc.)

  1. So nice to find a fellow advisor who does not sell and who provides “good, basic financial information”. Your commitment is right on!

    • Thanks for connecting and your kind words Eileen! Its always nice to hear from a fellow advisor that shares the same passion for educating people about personal finances. Enjoyed visiting your website, blog and video too… great inspiration!

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