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Life Happens, Change Is Good

June 28, 2016

I’ll be honest. The idea that “change is good” will always be a work in progress for me.leaves

It’s been 6 months since my last blog post and I’m feeling rather disappointed in myself for leaving my readers hanging.

Let me explain…


Life Happens

After a fabulous 5 week holiday in Costa Rica earlier this year, I returned home to find a rather upsetting scenario with my elderly mother. Mom has always been healthy (or so we thought), fiercely independent, full of common sense and never wanting/accepting help from anyone. Now, at 89 years old, some things MUST change!

I guess it shouldn’t have caught my sisters and I by surprise. You see, longevity runs in our family. We discovered that Mom had been alone in her home without ANY heat for almost 2 weeks during the coldest part of the winter. And that was just the beginning. I jumped into action and at the same time realized the deteriorating state of Mom’s health & decision-making abilities.

Why didn’t she reach out to us for help? Why was she ever so determined to insist that nothing was wrong? The last few months have been a whirlwind of hospital and specialist visits, new medications and planning for the inevitable (but not wanted) move to a seniors residence.

During this time, I’ve also done some soul-searching, reflecting on my own priorities, passions and even my mortality.


Change Is Good

Moving forward, it’s time to refocus on my financial coaching practice (my greatest passion) at the expense of my blog.

Life really is short and I want to spend my time interacting with real people and real challenges (not my computer keyboard).

I’m committed, as ever, to bringing financial education to everyday people and hope to do some volunteering in that arena. I’ll leave my blog in place for new readers/learners and those looking for a personal finance coach.  The content is mostly timeless and finance education is still sadly lacking in our schools and workplaces. It never hurts to revisit ways to get motivated, curb debt, increase savings, control spending or grow wealth.

Financial independence is definitely a goal worth shooting for.

Thanks for being a regular reader! I hope I’ve inspired you, in some small way, to take action and better care of your financial health .


If you or someone you know is looking for help with their personal finances, please consider contacting me. I’d love to help!


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Proud founder of this blog Let’s Talk About Money, Patricia Gass, CPA, CA, provides personal finance coaching and education to improve your money skills. Follow her on linkedin, twitter or pinterest.


  1. Fanny Snaith permalink

    Hi – I will miss you and wish you all the luck with your Mom. I have lost both my parents and know how important to spend as much time with them in their twilight years. Well done for committing to her care. You have inspired me. I am as passionate as you regarding personal finance and I too am now a personal finance coach… Thanks for your help in getting me started.

    • Hi Fanny,
      Thanks so much for your kind note! I’m thrilled to have inspired you to become a coach too. It’s always nice to hear from others who share my love for personal finance. Best of luck with your coaching business!

  2. Best wishes for you Patricia and your family and of course your work. Good for you to recognizing your greatest priorities, it’s a skill most have yet to master and I think enhances your credibility as a coach. Be well!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Just in time for me, I am losing my way to financial independence This is inspiring me.

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