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Might Childhood Memories Mean More Than Money?

March 18, 2015

It’s school break here in Toronto this week and the last thing busy parents want to think about is money.dandelion-wishes-home-page

Before Susie and Johnny tell you how bored they are, you need a game plan. Without a good strategy, it’s far too easy for trips to the museum, movies, lunches out and new toys to get TOTALLY out of control.


Is it really possible to keep the kids busy without breaking the bank?


Think back to your own childhood memories. What things left the biggest impact on your 6 year old self?


For me, it was more about TIME than money and I’ll tell you why.


Like many others of my generation, my stay-at-home Mom was the biggest factor in our family life. My Dad was always working. Even on nights and weekends. You see, he was a dependable, reliable accountant and between his paid job, volunteer work and helping friends with their finances, there was little time for his 3 daughters.

While he inspired a great work ethic in me, it felt sad too.

Spending time with my Dad was a very rare occasion. I began to savour the moments when we were together. Car rides to the cottage, Sunday afternoons at the park, Saturday nights eating popcorn and watching our beloved Toronto Maple Leafs, an occasional board or card game on the weekend. By far, those things meant more to me than anything he ever bought me (although, hard not to love our first colour TV and stereo system!).

So before you pull out your wallet yet again this week, think about some creative ways to entertain and inspire your kids. They may not thank you now, but wait ’till tomorrow.


 Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory … Dr. Suess


Need some extra help? I love a good list and here’s a really great one chock full of ideas…

100 School Holiday Activity Ideas from

Good luck and have a fabulous school break with your kids!


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