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A Story I Can’t Resist Sharing- Sexy Financial Smarts

February 25, 2015

Who on earth would use the words sexy and finance in the same sentence let alone as a description of an “ideal” human being?!Love-Money

I love a little humour so when I discovered the article below, I couldn’t wait to devour it. Might someone else be feeling the same way I do? And, I thought I was an anomaly?!

Turns out that data proves that having “financial smarts” is the new “sexy”. Who knew that love and money could actually belong together? Maybe we’re starting to rethink and get practical about relationships after all?

As a finance professional, I’ve seen my fair share of fallout from ended relationships like separation, divorce and widowhood. Hindsight is 20/20 but many people in these positions wished they paid more attention to financial matters when times were good. An already stressful situation is much worse when money problems exist (or surface unexpectedly).

So take note if you’re in the market for a new relationship (or if you want to improve the one you have). What’s in your HEART always matters, but don’t discount what’s in your HEAD too!

Enjoy the short article from Time below;

This Is The Sexiest Financial Habit

Proud founder of this blog Let’s Talk About Money, Patricia Gass, CPA, CA, provides personal finance coaching and education to improve your money skills. Follow her on linkedin, twitter or pinterest

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