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A Handy (and Funny) List To Make You Smarter With Money

December 17, 2014

During the hustle of the holiday season, I would never survive without my lists.tack-list-icon

One for gifts for my kids/husband, another for the in-laws, yet another for Sunday’s holiday dinner (we won’t go into the rest). It feels so good to finally cross items off, one by one (or two or five), until there’s nothing left. How sad…let the REAL holidays begin!

Thought you might appreciate another list at this time of year…one that you don’t need to cross off. In fact, this is a handy little reference guide for your money that will never go out of style or season.

Written by Morgan Housel (of The Motley Fool Blog), it’s a quick, easy read that’s witty and full of wisdom. Skim it or keep it for future reference. If you don’t have time for it now, pull it out in the new year. It’s a common sense reminder and can only make you smarter.

61 One-Sentence Rules That Will Make You Better With Money

Enjoy. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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