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Is There A Right Or Wrong Way To Spend?

April 15, 2014


Cool new technology, good food, pretty shoes, great books, fine wine, far away travel. These are a few of the popular items that hit the top of people’s discretionary spending lists. I like to call it “feel good” spending. It’s amazing how excited people become when they talk about things they love!

This week’s post was inspired by another I read called Examples of Spending On The Things You Love. I relate perfectly to the key message…the idea that as long you’re hitting your financial goals, you should spend what you want on whatever you want, guilt-free and unapologetically. Judging from the article’s 372 comments, may others did too.

Have you ever felt judged by others when you spend money? Why should it be anybody’s business how we choose to spend our hard earned dollars? Disapproving looks, rolled eyes, whispers and snarky comments really don’t belong in a conversation around spending preferences. I can’t help but think such reactions are merely defence mechanisms to justify our own very different choices.

“There’s nothing like a room full of red roses in the dead of winter to brighten your mood” says Melanie. My good friend has a thing for fresh flowers. Rarely a week goes by when she doesn’t splurge on a few beautiful bouquets to decorate her home. She doesn’t consider it splurging; more like a necessity. Much to my disappointment, I have found myself judging her for this rather extravagant habit. Think of what she could spend on travel if she cut back on the flowers just a little?

I need to STOP and get a grip. Melanie doesn’t care for travel; she’s just as happy with her “staycations” and day trips to the museum. I, on the other hand, will do everything in my power to cut back on the basics (and most other things) to fund my expensive hobby. No doubt, Melanie thinks I’m nuts. I’m so glad that she’s never given me the slightest indication of that. I owe it to her to do the same.

Who’s spending is right? Wait a minute; it’s not a competition. There is no right answer. A true friend tries hard not to judge another. Forget what other’s think and do what makes you happy. You’ll enjoy life so much more!

If you make your own money, no one should tell you how to spend it…

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