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What Your Kids Want To Know About Money

August 28, 2013

TeenTalking1Mom, how much money do we have?

Yikes, you may not know how to respond to this question but what a perfect segway to a meaningful talk about money.  Kids are curious- don’t assume they are getting this knowledge in school.  In Canada, we still have a long way to go before money education is integrated into the school system.  Yet, it is a critical life skill that should be learned and practiced like many others.  Studies have shown that kids who get education in personal finance save 5% more of their income!  What a great start to life!

It is never too early or late to talk to your kids about money.  Just remember to keep it age appropriate, honest and positive.  Share your own experiences and correct their misperceptions.

Here is an interesting infographic that outlines what kids want to know.  It just might help jump start your conversation.  Good luck!

<a href=” “><img src=””/></a&gt;

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