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Is Your Financial Health As Good As It Could Be?

July 9, 2013

summertimeThe summer is in full swing, the margaritas are flowing and my blog posts are temporarily dwindling!

It’s my favourite time of year to enjoy lazy days and summer barbecues.  If you’re like me, you’re paying far more attention to your physical health than your financial health!

As you relax on the beach, its also a great time to reflect on you and your family’s financial situation.  No, I’m really not kidding and you might just thank me for the suggestion come holiday season.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to get the thought process rolling.

1)  Do you/your family have an organized, effective way to manage your personal finances?

2)  Do you know where your money goes?

3)  Do you/your family have the right balance between spending, savings and paying down debt?

4)  Do you/your family save and invest in a tax effective way?

5)  Have you taken the right steps to protect your family and manage your financial risks?

6)  Are you satisfied with the diversification and performance of your investments compared with the overall market or other relevant benchmarks?

7)  Is your net worth growing each year?

Ok, I’ll admit that these are heavy questions for summertime reflecting!  But, even a few thoughts in this direction can give you clarity to take action at a later date.  Small steps get easier and can make a real difference over time.  Enjoy the summer and let’s toast to improving your financial future!

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