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Knowing Your Goals Helps You Be Smart With Money

May 21, 2013

lucid-dreaming-man-flyingWhen was the last time you thought hard about your goals? Maybe a trip to Australia, a home of your own or a dream career as a photographer? Goals are the things that get your heart pumping and out of bed on a cold, dark morning. They give your life purpose and make you feel good. Sometimes, just dreaming about or working towards your goal brings as much happiness as actually achieving it.

Funny how goals can also make you be smart with your money.  When you want something really bad, it becomes easier to make tough spending choices. Like brown-bagging your daily lunches to save $50/wk towards your new car fund.  When my husband and I were in our mid-twenties, we knew that we hoped to retire early from our corporate jobs.  Even though we enjoyed and were challenged by our careers, we craved the financial freedom to make different choices with how to spend our time. So, while our friends were enjoying more of their money today, we were trying our best to save more of it for tomorrow.  It wasn’t easy, but for us, it was worth it.

Tell your family and friends about your goals and dreams.  They might inspire and encourage you to keep on track with your money.  If it helps, post a beautiful picture of your goal on your fridge, your smart phone or on Pinterest.  And, next time you’re in your favourite store,  walk away empty-handed and proud.  Instead of feeling “deprived”, you might just feel empowered and one small step closer to achieving what really matters to you!

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