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Did You Get What You REALLY Wanted For Mother’s Day?

May 13, 2013

imageI always enjoy my annual day in the limelight!  The only day each year where I truly feel justified in doing whatever I want, just for me.  Amazing how Mother’s Day has become a retailer’s dream.  A chance to make up for all the nasty arguments & bad behaviour by spending a lot on Mom.

Last week, the Globe & Mail reported that Canadians, on average, will spend $107 on Mom vs. $84 last year; a whopping 27% increase.  And, of course, men spend even more.  Most of the Moms I know couldn’t care less about the cost of their gift.  What they really want is to feel loved, appreciated, respected and thanked for their 24/7, endless, unpaid job.

If you want to make Mom happy, get creative and make her feel special…  a clean house,  a home-cooked meal,  the laundry done, folded and put away,   a hand-written “I love you” note,  a picture of Mom & you lovingly posted on Facebook,  an afternoon off with her girlfriends or favourite book, a photo album of special memories.  I could go on forever.  My own present from my daughter is displayed above; yummy home-made chocolate cake pops in a sparkly silver glass.  She secretly made them on Saturday night while my husband and I were attending the wedding of a good friend. Perhaps the total cost of my gift was around $20 but, for me, its value was priceless!

So next year, before you pull out your wallet, remember these helpful tips to show Mom what she means to you. For me, and maybe your Mom too, the best things in life really can be free.

  1. I sure did! My hubby and kids were very good to me…I had a nice, relaxing day off, breakfast in bed, homemade and store-bought gifts and a wonderful dinner. Ahhh if only Mother’s Day lasted longer than a day. 🙂

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