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  1. You post has made me think about the benefits of credit cards when used correctly. I have 3 debts which I am currently paying off – 2 are credit card debts. Once paid, my plan was to chop them up and never, EVER return!! However, I realized I will likely need to keep one card to charge work expenses when travelling and it also has a travel insurance benefit – 3 months free international insurance when you charge the ticket with the card – this is a great saving as international travel insurance is exxy when you are travelling for a long time. So, if I reduced the limit of the card – say to $1000 and cut up my other card. Then I could also use the card I retain to maximize any other benefits – like you do. I guess credit cards aren’t evil when used correctly! I just hate mine so much right now! haha

  2. Credit cards can definitely be a burden, but they can be a blessing if you are able to pay off your credit card balance every month — and if you don’t spend more with a credit card than you would with cash. When my wife and I make purchases, we use our credit card as often as possible for the points; we even pay some of our bills with our credit card. We convert the points into cash every few months then use that to pay off our credit card. Then, the money we would have needed to pay our credit card balanced is saved or invested. It’s never a large chunk at one time, but like you said, it’s easy money, and it adds up over the years.

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